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Made for Behavior Driven Development (BDD)

Because working with user behaviors is not a matter of technique, but of human thinking. Tastee have been made to allow anyone to write its own automated test scenarios in a very simple manner.

In fact, most of the tools made for BDD allow you to write your own scenarios in your own design specific language (DSL) , but at the end, you still need developer's skills to automate them and being able to run them. We believe Tastee will help you to go deeper in this methodology by taking care of this technical part

Indeed, Tastee starts with a "Browser Specific Language" since, as a website user, you are first a browser user. In your browser, your actions are limited to very simple instructions like "Going to a website', 'Clicking on buttons or links", "Checking some contents", ...
Then, by combining these simple instructions, you creates more complex ones like "Connect using a user and password" and so on ...

go to

Go to the Login Page


fill fields

Fill the fields


click on

Click on button


Conntect to

Connect using $user and $password

At the end, by combining all these instructions, you'll be able to open an infinite world of testing behavior that can be enhanced by the community.



Easy to use

To begin to describe the behavior of your applications, simply download the editor and start using it ! directly!


User Experience

Don't you wait for developers to describe the behavior of your application? With Tastee, you are self-employed to write and execute your own behavioral tests.


Open Source

The editor and its engine are open sourced.
You can help the community by completing and publishing "Browser Specific Language" in your own language.
Developers can provide help on languages and tools


How to use Tastee ?

It's very simple, just download the executable according to your operating system and launch:

The documentation is described here.


Tastee comes with a Text Editor that allows you to write HTML files that can be executed on different browsers like Chrome and / or Firefox.

You have the possibility to customize these HTML files that we have called Tastee Files. These Tastee files are then integrated into a test report once their executions are completed, giving you the possibility to include logos, schemas and any other HTML features.

To improve readability of Tastee Files, you can create your own Instructions, based on the other ones, extract variables that might not be readable enough, and reuse them in any of yours.

A good starter, would be to use the "common" instructions shared by the community :


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